Mclean Park Towers Vancouver

McLean Park Towers

Architecte : JRS
Emplacement : Vancouver BC

This project was funded by the Government of Canada Action plan in conjunction with Ameresco and  BC Housing as an energy efficiency upgrade measure. The design and consultation was facilitated by JRS Engineering.
The work was completed on two midrise buildings and  4" of roxul insulation was added to the exterior cladding  along with proper thermally broken substructure in order to maintain the majority of the R value given by the insulation.
The insulation and substructure was then covered  by a black UV stabilized moisture barrier to allow for open joints in the façade as well as to protect the roxul from wind/rain washing and to prevent retaining moisture.
The Eternit Natura panels used on the façade of the buildings were designed and cut by Marine Cladding thru a complex automated cutting and drilling  process.
Marine Cladding was able to install 24,000 square feet off flashings and Eternit Natura  panels that had a complex layout  within 5 weeks. At full production near the end of the project, Marine Cladding hit 7000 square feet installed within 5 days. The design and fluctuating dimension constraints on the project created a substantial number of panel sizes cut to suit each location on the buildings. There were over 2000 unique panel sizes of two different colours.
This is not the limit of design. Panels could be perforated, engraved and edges cut of various shapes including curves if need be. Proper planning at design phase would be required to further push design, to optimize use of material and to correlate  with the design constraints of the façade performance.

JRS Engineering